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in collaboration with Diana Salcedo & Jeana Chesnik

Installation and Performance
Desk, Paper, Water, Soil, Glass, Pen

Recent events surrounding climate change, including the Paris Agreement, created a starting point to examine how these bodies of politics contemplate solutions that determine the fate of Earth.  We pose questions about who and what these agreements serve and who holds the power to decide.

Bystander is an installation that challenges these formal and invisible agreements that are created by people and institutions to address climate change. This project intends to bring attention to how we’re using human bureaucratic rituals as an attempt to solve an environmental problem that begs for deeper involvement.  

The ritual in this case is the signing of agreements. We have put forth a scenario inviting participants to approach an often inaccessible arrangement where an agreement could be (or could not be) signed.

Without explicit instruction to the participant, the installation employs various ways of making a mark: with the natural elements, the pen, the soiled paper--contextualizing the content and the participant’s agency.  Can the page still be signed?  Should it be signed?  Are you a participant?  Do you feel power by signing? What has changed? Has anything changed?

Cargo Collective 2020