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Ferdows = Well No. 1

Performance, Video, Research, Experimentation, 3D
Ongoing 2017-2018

Based on my research on the discovery of oil and the first oil well in Iran (and in the Middle East), I am developing a new mythology that uses personal narrative and the data of its history, geology, geography, politics, infrastructures, and cultural practices. Through installation and performance, the piece will aim to put the oil back into the ground while revealing hidden stories and layers. Using the Persian poem Shahnameh (Book of Kings) by Ferdowsi as a foundation for storytelling and a celebration of Persian heritage and identity, this new mythology will be part historiography, part genesis, and part love story.  It will be part burial and part mourning, part afterlife; Ferdows means heaven or paradise.

Project Research and Documentation: https://farsiforeplaythesis.tumblr.com/


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Cargo Collective 2017