Firoozeh is a speculative fiction that explores technology as talisman, as a tool for collective healing, resistance, and resilience for queers and feminists in Iran, post-Iranian Revolution 1980. This specific technological tool is a portable cassette player that manifests the powers of Persian talisman and revolutionary fervor in order to protect the community for the continued fight against patriarchy, homophobia, and oppression.  It is a networked talisman that transfers protective energies across its users.  In the period before and after the revolution, the cassette player and tapes were an underground method to transmit and circulate political information and banned pop music.

Firoozeh translates as turquoise in Farsi and literally as victory. This magic portable cassette player holds the qualities of turquoise healing energy and equipped with a spell, composed of resistance poetry. This energy and spell are shared collectively, passed through Firoozeh from activist to activist in dark corners of the Tehran black market. It is a secret tool for a clandestine community.

Firoozeh is an intervention into the past, a hyperbole of how marginalized communities historically utilized technologies--from rituals and secret codes to media tools--for organizing
grassroots movements and for resisting oppressive forces. These projects investigate the potential for alternative rituals and tools for queers and feminists of color who face betrayal, struggle, and repression in the past, present, and future through the context of many political states.

Cargo Collective 2017