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2016 - Ongoing

Multimedia (Video, Installation, and Community Collaboratory)

Video still featured as cover artwork for Catalyst: Vol 6. No. 2 (2020): Special Section on Computing in/from the South
edited by Sareeta Amrute & Luis Felipe R. Murillo, November 2020

Video stills

Firoozeh is a magical realist fiction that speculates technology as talisman passed amongst feminists in the aftermath of the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

This specific technological tool is a portable cassette player that manifests the powers of Persian talisman and resistance in order to heal and protect the community for the continued fight for liberation.  In Faris, Firoozeh translates as turquoise and literally as victory.  It is energy passed through a clandestine sneaker net amongst radical women and queer activists to heal from the betrayal of the revolution.

Firoozeh is an intervention into the past, a parable of how marginalized communities historically utilized technologies--from rituals and secret codes to media tools--for healing, for organizing grassroots movements, and for resisting oppressive forces.  In the periods before and after the Iranian Revolution, the cassette player and corresponding tapes were an underground method to transmit and circulate political information and banned pop music.  

The Iranian Revolution betrayed the women who fought on its front lines.  It betrayed the ham-jenz-gara’i; it maimed and killed them.  We fought alongside you for an ideal state, said the feminists and queers.  We fought against corruption and despotism of the current regime, they said.  We were the labor force, the academics, the Marxist guerillas, the Islamists.  Our role was crucial to the overthrow of the shah, but you left us behind.

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