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Collaboration with Melanie Yashar
Interactive Installation; white satin, red tulle, latex condoms, chandelier, red rose petals, red mylar plastic, audio, cookies, samovar with tea, tea glasses/saucers, rug and pillows, table, altar created by wooden posts

Based on the Iranian ceremonial custom of a bride presenting evidence of her virginity with a blood-stained sheet at her wedding, this piece serves as a metaphor for the pressures of young Iranian-American women today by family and community: (heterosexual) marriage and sexual purity in paradox with a seemingly American sexual liberation. Guests are invited into the wedding scene to share in the “celebration.” They are surrounded by severe messages of chastity (or un-chastity)--posed as blood stains--while enjoying Persian tea and sweets and the joyous music of a wedding party. Above their heads hangs a chandelier--not immediately noticed--of colorful condoms filled with items connected to acts of sex.

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