= Well No. 1

Video and Performance

= Well No. 1 is a new mythology based on the first oil well in Iran, and the first in the Middle East. Through a series of fictional videos and ritualistic performances, this counter mythology serves to reverse this history of oil extraction for the purpose of Iranians and the diaspora to heal, resist, and reclaim culture and land.  Drawing on my own experiences as a first-generation Iranian-American, I implicate myself into this narrative to unearth what has brought me to this place in time and space.

ferdows = Well No. 1 is the preface to the mythology chapters.  Ferdows means heaven or paradise.  The word also draws homage to Persian poet Ferdowsi and his epic Shahnameh (Book of Kings).

Project Research and Documentation: https://farsiforeplaythesis.tumblr.com/

Cargo Collective 2017