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Under the Burden of Solitude

Collaboration with S.O. O'Brien and Miki Foster
Installation with rope, bone conductor, LEDs, sand, woven black fabric, surface transducer, audio/video, metal dome, leather

We drag the memories of our dead.
We drag the desire for kinship.
We drag the conditions of our lives and past lives.
We drag to survive.
Forming a dome covered in knots,
You press your ear against the ear of a human shape hearing the song of Allen Ginsberg beneath the drone of a singular mammal. Weekend at Bernie's.
We call on the spirits in the shadows, the outliers, the lonely ones to lay down your burden and enter space.

Installed at 27th Annual MIX Experimental Film Festival, 2014

Developed by Kermani, O'Brien, and Foster at Ace Hotel Artist-in-Residency (ACE AIR) in partnership with Queer Art and Technologies (QUAT) research group.   Project Tumblr

QUAT is a collective of artists, curators, writers, and academics who are interested in exploring the intersection of art and technology while questioning technology's hetero-normativity and gender bias.  Tumblr


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